DACXPremium 32 Bit 192kHz Digital To Analog Converter.
The DACX from Lindell Audio is a two channel (stereo) digital to analog converter that features an over-engineered power supply for delivering high resolution digital audio conversion. Utilizing an AKM AK4397 DA-chip, the converter features four, low magnetic-flux-leakage power transformers for a total of twenty-four power supply cells. This assures a decrease in crossover distortion and mitigates any interference from different system circuits. A dual output stage allows for selecting either "Tube" or "Opamp" flavoring. The clean op amp stage is best used for a monitoring chain, while the tube output stage can be of used in a mastering chain. The DACX features dual AES/EBU inputs, coaxial and optical S/PDIF, and USB audio input. The selectable up-sampling feature allows for setting multiple output sample rates.

  • AK4397 Delta-Sigma D/A IC from AKM
  • Upsampling to 192KHz/32bit、192KHz/24bit、96KHz/32bit、 96KHz/24bit
  • 4 pieces of low magnetic flux leakage power transformer
  • Balanced XLR Outputs- Tube Selectable
  • Unbalanced RCA Outputs
  • Inputs: AES/EBU x2, SP/DIF Coax, Optical, USB
  • S/N Ratio <114db
  • THD <0,002%
  • Sample Rate Supported- 44,1 – 48 – 88,2 – 96 – 176,4 – 192kHz
  • Net Weight 12kg
  • Dimensions  (W*H*D) 483*90*375
  • Retail Price $2299
  • Discontinued