I’ve done Yosemite and Sequoia, so no need for inland stops. – https://www.valisemag.com/3-days-san-francisco/ Thanks for your amazing feedback, and I’m so glad to help! Archimedes. As I mentioned above, both are southbound itineraries. I’m sure someone else has asked this but…..When is the best time to travel PCH (traveling Southbound through California to San Diego in hopes of warm days and cool(ish) nights)? We are planning to do Northbound…from Ventura to Wine country but only have 5 days returning on the 5th day. I don’t think you can do Yosemite in a day — it’s a four hour drive from the coast to Yosemite (one-way) and you’ll probably want a full day in the park at minimum. Peet's Coffee and Tea. Hey there! ), 6 Driving Safety Tips for Your California Road Trip, https://www.theoutbound.com/theoutbound/camping-along-the-pacific-10-seaside-campsites-for-your-west-coast-road-trip, https://www.valisemag.com/visit-san-juan-islands/, https://www.valisemag.com/3-days-seattle/, https://www.valisemag.com/3-days-san-francisco/, https://www.valisemag.com/portland-city-guide/, https://www.valisemag.com/california-coast-road-trip/. Very glad to help, and I hope you have a great trip! This was the most beautiful drive we have ever taken. You won’t have as much time to spend in each city, or to take a few of the “long drives,” but you’ll see it all in a short span of time. You may encounter some rain up north near Portland and Seattle, but you shouldn’t experience any snow! When you hit the California coast, it’s like driving in a postcard. I would love to do a Pacific Coast Highway drive at some point in my life. This map was created by a user. Also, further north, you could fly to Portland and do the Oregon coast too. So the verb ‘lament’ is correct in the present tense, and the tense of ‘recommend’ earlier in the paragraph. We are doing the PCH this July and August coming from Yellowstone, Glacier and Teddy Roosevelt NP —it has been on our Bucket list for quite some time after this trip we only have Alaska to visit and we will have visited all the States !! Spanning nearly the entire length of California, the Pacific Coast Highway (affectionately known to locals as PCH) is the perfect way to see the West Coast in all its glory. Those little beaches overlooking the water below is freaking amazing. It was a great help! anything you can suggest extra the girls would be wowed by would be great. My wife and I are planning this very trip you outlined. You should have no problem making it down the road in December. You probably won’t have any snow – it’s usually just rain in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon & Washington). Sonja, glad to help! I would definitely do some research on inland options – I’m not as familiar with what’s inland though. So heading east eventually to round out the trip. If you happen to do your PCH road trip in the winter, Pismo State Beach is also home to the largest colony of migrating monarch butterflies during the winter months. Our kids will be 15 & 10…I’m just afraid it will be a boring ride for them in the car. Reading through this – your article is going to be a huge help as our family plans our two-week trip. When I drove the PCH in 2014, I did a northbound San Diego to Seattle road trip, and lament that I wasn’t on the “outer” side of the road. Sounds like you’ve got a great itinerary planned! San Diego is high on my must-visit-longer list, so I’m again a bit short on recommendations here. Next time I have a few days off, I’ll have to change that! My wife and I were planning to fly to San Diego to start the trip, but your point about southbound visibility makes total sense. Suggestions? Kim. 100 sqm Approx. Don’t drive down to SD and back up to LA. I hate cold! Hope to rent a car there? By the end, you’ll be ready to plan your own Pacific Coast Highway road trip itinerary. I am planning for this roadtrip this December- starting from Dec 25th. What would be a good hopping on point? Turramurra 1343 Pacific Highway READY TO OCCUPY New Professional Suite ... Offering your business a strong identity with bold signage opportunities & exposure to +70,000 cars per day on Pacific Highway. Access 33014 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265 property details, sales, mortgages, permits, ownership information and more. View 42 photos of this 2 bed, 2 bath, 1307 sqft. There are no reasonable alternatives for some of the routes like the one across Bixby Canyon Bridge (shown above). The most easily accessible and breathtakingly stark part of the PCH is a short drive (about 3 hours) sound of San Francisco, so many people in the Bay Area do it as an overnight or weekend trip. Thanks for reading, Laurie! It sounds like you’ll have an awesome trip, and happy early birthday to him! One of the most famous sea stacks on the U.S. Pacific Coast, Haystack Rock is picture perfect while you stretch your legs. Great name btw . My husband and I drove the Pacific Coast Highway while making our way down the West Coast from Seattle to San Diego. However I actively lament that I was on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in the present tense (as in, if you ask me today, I still lament it); I didn’t really realize I was on the wrong side until after my trip was over – and it’s not like you can change your route once you start! Thank you. Los Angeles is the last major city on my list of Pacific Coast Highway stops, and though I have a guide to spending one day in L.A., you can and should spend as much time as you like. It’s the best time for good weather on the whole coast! Super excited. Also, about how many miles a day are you traveling on your 10 day itinerary? Big Sur is defined as the stretch of coastline and adjacent state park between Carmel and San Simeon. View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. We planned to start in Seattle and drive to San Diego. Drive safely! Angie, thanks so much for your comment! We are thinking of taking this drive during the week of Christmas. Downtown is a series of taffy-colored storefronts filled with beach gear, kitschy coastal crafts, and the Funland Seaside Arcade, which harkens back to the heydays of coastal vacations. The 3,144 sq. To answer your questions: Thanks for asking, Helen! Legal. Should be pretty good – it might be a bit rainy up in the Pacific Northwest, but the weather once you reach California should be great! This was a 6 day trip. The views of the coast and the Pacific are absolutely stunning. How long is the Pacific Coast Highway? I wouldn’t advise doing this one in an RV, to be honest. 17. Do you have any tips? Maybe I’m AAAA ? I have looked up the different uses of the word and grammatically correct samples, and I believe you needed to use it in past-tense. If you’ve ever seen The Goonies, you know exactly what I mean. We are also contributing editors at 101 Holidays. The Pacific Coast Highway is an ambitious road trip, but totally possible in as few as five days. Thanks for your comment, Catherine. 20747 Pacific Coast Highway - 20747 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA. When driving the PCH south from Portland, how much of a detour would it be to see Crater Lake on the way? Great tips! I’ll have to stop at these places. Also being from Colorado, we would love to camp oceanside, do you have any recommendations on campsites? Distributor Network. Thank you so very much. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan – drive safe! This will be a great tool in planning. The little set of communities on Long Beach peninsula are at the lower left corner of the state and are home to cozy accommodations and surprisingly delicious restaurants. I was hoping to see autumn colours in the northern area. Great job! And thanks for confirming what I thought (hoped) that southbound is the best way to go. What’s the best time of year to do this? One of the requests I get asked for is a Pacific Coast Highway map with all of the stops I suggest, so I used Roadtrippers to put together this one. Hi there, I am thinking of taking a solo trip down the PCH from Long Beach, WA to LA? 2) is a free part of the federal highway corridors (los corredores carreteros federales) that runs along the Mexico–United States border.The highway is in two separate improved segments, starting in the west at Tijuana, Baja California, on the Pacific coast and ending in the east in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on the Gulf of Mexico. Rudy. Driving south on the right-hand side of the road, you’ll have a great view of the ocean and coastline. I’d find an interesting podcast for everyone in the car and have the kids keep an eye out for whales and wildlife. Thanks for your comment, Rex! The PCH is Highway 1 in California, though sometimes Highway 1 and 101 overlap which is what causes the confusion! Valerie – I just came across this post. Next, you’ll pass through Point Reyes, which again seems underwhelming. 5374264 Get stop-by-stop directions for a driving tour of California’s Pacific Coast Highway from National Geographic's Ultimate Road Trips. September and October are definitely best for visiting NorCal, so I recommend that time of year too! Der PCH ist 1055 km lang. Thank you for this wonderful review. We’re making a shortlist of 3 or 4 likely hotels for each expected stopover. from Seattle to San Diego along this route . Again, thank you so much!! We’d like to be flexible so, if we like somewhere we could stay an extra night, or if we need to push on, we could pull the itinerary forward. If I can make a recommendation? Hope that helps you plan! Thank you for sharing your travels and still helping others along their journey! As we will be married 40 years! The rest of time will hopefully be in small towns all along the coast. You thinks that’s safe or should I make some. Thanks so much from a couple of Canucks! Help. Hi, and thanks for this terrific resource. Total Area: Want to avoid the summer crowds, but still enjoy nice weather. Route 1 is fine – it’s twisty turny but it’s the best route by far. Follow the highway south as it winds inland and along the coast. Sorry, but there’s no way to do the drive to Seattle and back along the PCH in just 7 days. Am planning to do a 10 day PCH drive in August. I appreciate all the information! I’m glad it was helpful. Copyright © 2013-2021, Valerie & Valise. Thanks for your comment, Anthony! This was the most beautiful drive we have ever taken. Thanks so much. While staying in Cannon Beach we have planned day trips to Astoria and Long Beach and maybe an inland drive to McMinnvile, for some wine tasting.