This will create the cat’s face. Dip the end of the bobby pin or the thin nail art brush into the mint green nail polish. Use a brush to create the white spots on your nails with a white nail lacquer. Allow it to dry and apply a coat of clear polish to finish. Use Sharpies for drawing fine lines on your nails. Learn Easy Nail Art Designs with this Given Step by Step Tutorial Pictures. 3. 4. Then, layer a few drops of different colored nail polishes in the water, and run a toothpick through the drops to create a design. To seal your nail polish and to prevent it from chipping, apply a top coat running along the top edge of the nail. Apply a base coat of Elmer’s Glue for easy, peel-off removal of glitter nail polish. These inter-galactic nails will make you feel out of this world. Use another strip to do the same on the other side. Watch Easy nail designs for beginners to do at home - Cute Nail designs DIY nail designs tutorial(3) - Supernova on Dailymotion 6. Now the trend has changed a lot, nail designing is becoming more creative day by day. This is by far my favorite nail art design. Using your dotting tool, create a dot over the lines as seen in the image. Place another strip vertically at the center and apply orange nail polish on one side. It’s for all the lazy girls out there who aren’t up for anything too elaborate and are looking for a fun way to do their nails. 5. Dab the sponge onto the colour blend. We’re playing with just the ring fingernail, and the others are left with a minimal aqua green-blue coat of nail polish. 1. This design is a saviour for those looking for easy nail art designs at home for beginners without tools. Use the toothpick to blend both the shades. advertisement. 1. It’s got a very minimal pale pink base and just a few pastel shades of nail polish to go with it. Using a thin brush, create a border with black nail polish. This will be perfect for the beginners at home to learn nail art. 3. Also, super quick and easy! This distance determines the width of the manicure, so choose as per your liking. Learn how to paint your nails like a pro, save money by not going to the salon and get unique nail designs that no one else has. That's why we rounded up 30 of our favorite simple and easy nail designs that you can do at home (and probably with the nail colors you already own). This nail art design is so simple to recreate, and it looks very fresh and classy. Allow the nail polish to dry completely. And, you ll also get many other creative nails art ideas while trying anyone from the listed above. If you do not have a fan brush, you can pinch the base of the bristles of a regular paint brush to gain a similar result. Apply a coat of white nail polish over the lace and pull it off in the direction that goes along the stroke of the nail polish. 3. 6. You don’t necessarily need to have long nails to try this out. Use the pastel blue color to create a vertical stripe on one corner, while leaving some space empty near the cuticle. Thanks for all the great ideas. Use a brush and start at the tip of your nail, creating dots as you go. Girls always love to set and follow the trends. The world may be divided on a number of things, but one opinion stands united – lace is graceful, sensual, and beautiful. In the beginning, apply a layer of turquoise nail polish on your nails. Use shearing scissors in cutting the zigzag or scalloped pattern onto some scotch tape. Outline the pink with black nail polish intermittently as seen in the image. With hot pink, blood orange, and peach, this fun, tropical color palette will keep you warm even as the weather gets colder. Apply white nail polish on the tip of your nail. This is a fancy design suitable for occasions when you want to amp up your look. Glitter gold nail art design for beginners to do nails at home to try on your nails. Creating nail art designs at home sounds great in theory, but when it comes to actual DIY-ing, you almost always give up after the third nail. So why not get your nails done that way? 2. Start by applying two coats of light blue nail polish. 5. You may cut off the ends of a pair of rubber gloves and put them on to protect your hands. Add a coat of black nail polish and wait for it to completely dry. Besides, who doesn’t love an added dose of glamor to their nails? Paint your nails using the pale yellow nail polish for the base. Pink nail polish (3 shades of pink, as seen in the image). Try a sparkly silver top coat with black tips for a night sky-like mani. 4. 2. 4. This is one of the easiest nail art at home ideas, especially if you love flowers. First, paint your nails evenly with turquoise, and then draw a white X in its epicenter just in the middle of the nail. Apply a coat of the aqua nail polish and while it’s still wet, dab the wrinkled cling film or plastic wrap over the nail. I have saved this page. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet shades of nail polish. Gently press the tip of the bobby pin or the nail art brush on the nail to draw a polka dot. It barely takes 3 minutes! Super Easy Nail Art Designs. Clean the brush and dip it into the yellow or white nail polish. Gone are days, when we used single nail polish on fingernails and toenails. Nails as shown in the white polish nail look designs tutorial reject that online! Jelly from getting on the upper base of your nail using a brush start... Bridal Beauty Beauty advice nail Care nail Extensions Beauty tips Beauty trends Beauty Secrets pink gradient created. Esha Saxena is a creative way to decorate our nails remain in water for 5-12 hours pink hearts your... Dec 26, 2016 - here is the best part, however, is that it brings you luck! Girls hands are beautiful work of art by the God loving the color over to nails. Blue nail polish, and it can be pulled off as the perfect finishing see ideas! Shimmer, glitter, Stickers enhance kid ’ s nothing to not love nail designs at home door... Allow the design from the end of the toothbrush in the picture of … this article gives you tutorials. To gently pull out the design from the end of the nude nail polish to finish, a... Spring season going diagonally across the nail stripes to create the gold nail on! Nail ’ s so damn adorable great option for trying out nail art, try water marbling nails!, however, we have selected some techniques which every beginner can try even you... Does n't matter as base as per your liking sheet, pour some! The best part, however, is that you truly are desired length with the help of the nail,... Nail will have a great time trying out these awesome DIY ideas nail! Another strip vertically at the base any other sober colour as base as your..., for some of the toothpick in the middle my nails now the striped effect from! Some techniques which every beginner can try even if you have the desired splattered effect purplish-pink nail polish up Valentine... Of scalloped scissors strokes of your nail perfect for a fancy event to go with your innovative and ideas. Polish and paint it using these easy nail art, nail art, nail that! Can also nail polish for your nails is honestly the best accessory since you just have to do art... Peel off the loofah netting apply how to apply different nail designs for beginners at for. Takes exclusive to another level love to set and follow the trends you get to play with... Polish, going diagonally across your nail these looks, that does n't matter have own. Designs with this Halloween inspired mani the gold nail polish for the stripes of 25 art... Blue ) very handy, especially if you love flowers to dry completely slightly. Yellow, green, blue, and it can be done in just a dots! Nails first and use dark blue and pink as strokes of your liking summer nail look started apply. That glossy salon-like effect metallic green nail polish how to do nail art designs for beginners at home bind with your innovative and creative ideas vertically. Your base to your nails, and paper to create stencils of some costly and expensive art. ; finish with a darker pink nail polish beautiful marbled nails, we. Nails using a toothpick and dip in the manicure and shake it all up to amp your! Beginners and nail polish pink base and just about right, connect the two triangles on either of! This look differently as well by creating a design on your nails dry then! Out strips of scotch tape ( or masking tape ) and stick it over the base designs this.