Distraught and hurt as he was, will Gu Zechuan finally be able to patch up their shattered relationship? No one but her. “Yes” Fated Pregnancy Chapter 64-66. Due to her father’s staggering debt, Xia Mo reluctantly became a surrogate mother for Ling Yichen and his wife. Fated States. When it came to her fate, Luo Bei was the rare one in a million fated to be wealthy and high-ranking.... more>> CN (4.5) The Prestigious Family’s Young lady and the Farmer. Summer ended up staying in the living room until the latter part of the night, listening carefully to the sounds outside the door and also to the sounds downstairs. HOMEPAGE; NOVEL … What constitutes as a tough childhood? “An almost hermit-like, 30-year-old billionaire who is said to have come down with cancer. 4.5 • 264 Ratings; $2.99; $2.99; Publisher Description. ZhanxianCh. She took the realistic-looking mask, which was as thin as a cicada’s wings, and carefully stroked the lines on the mask with her hands. Chapter 61. 389.1. Theme . Series Finder Pregnancy [ ] Home > Tag > ... an orphan in the 21st century, and his pregnant wife, Zhou Jiao, are struggling and working hard for their future when suddenly they receive a shocking inheritance. One day, he couldn’t stand it anymore and suggested a divorce. Pregnancy Romance Novels There are so many tropes out there in romance novels, and we all have our favorites! Tags List | Request Tag. Lu Wanru followed behind him like an aggrieved daughter-in-law. Yet, as expected, Bai Zhexuan used a lame excuse and stood her up. But you will be the one paying the devil. You know very well what you are after. Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2018. What future awaits for Xia Zhi? He had gone through years of poverty and misery, and when he discovered that he was actually the heir to a jaw-dropping fortune, he knew that his live was about to change, and not in the way how people usually anticipated…, A sham marriage with a rich but ugly girl? Toggle navigation. To her surprise, that stranger turned out to be her boss’s friend Tang Xiao. Yang Yu had been teaching for several days in a village populated by women only. Helpful. As soon as he saw the person who spoke, Bowen jumped up as if someone had stepped on his tail, "What do you want with her? Ling Yuanqi sobbed on Ling Yichen's shoulder, her chubby hands wrapped around his neck, and she was held by Ling Yichen all the time. Xia Mao was too embarrassed to struggle anymore and could only stare at Li Jiyao's chin in shame and annoyance. Because, you know what they say, revenge is a dish best served cold! New Released, Best and Good books to read online for free. R.L. In desperation, he joined the army and thought that that was it. Read the most trendy web novel An Instruction Manual for Male Pregnancy online now. …… best. Adult Drama Mature Psychological Romance Slice of Life. Li Ji Yao's face was filled with a vibrant smile as he walked out of the school building. It’s Nora Roberts week at Fated Mates, and we’re reading one of young Jen’s favorite books, Born in Ice, the second in the Born In trilogy, set in Ireland. its fun. “President Jiang, if you can’t find a wife, perhaps you could consider me?” How would the relationship between her and Tang Xiao play out? Surprise Pregnancy Romance Novels!! Sort by. Either way, one thing is certain. Due to her father’s staggering debt, Xia Mo reluctantly became a surrogate mother for … Turned out, her mother-in-law had always known that her son was a gay, but she wanted to keep Li Yahan at home till Yahan gave her a grandson… Eventually, Li Yahan managed to escape that hideous place once again.

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