Differential Cover Installation. Add To Cart. Support the diff with a jack 11. Part Name Code: 41201D. ! Several types of differentials are used in automotive applications. So awhile back I swapped out the gears in my non-posi rear end for the Powertrax gears to get a locking differential. REPAIRS. 1. Ideally you want the entire clutch pack, including the shim, to be about .640 to .645 inch for a stock clutch pack and as thick as .655 inch for a performance pack (right). If you are running a 4-link suspension system, you can adjust the upper rear end links in or out to bring the variation back into where it needs to be. If the bearing is sagged too much you will not be able to align the driveshaft until it is replaced because you will not be able to go up enough to get a straight line with the driveshaft. Step 3 - Reinstall, Align and Adjust Leaf Spring (b) Install the 2 side gears, 2 differential pinion gears, 2 differential pinion thrust washers and differential pinion shaft to the differential case. Jan 18, 2012 at 7:12 PM #1 #1. wolftree [OP] Well-Known Member. It's not a difficult task but often goes ignored due to the lengthy service schedule, which is usually only 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on the manufacturer. If they are damaged, replace them with new ones. Products Featured in this Article. Use a rear bolt through the rear cover to hold it into place. HINT: Measure the thickness of the plate washers and note it down. Check the condition of the leaf springs; looking for damage, wear and tear. Well I don't like the rough drive it gives. Use a socket and ratchet to torque down the locknut. Check all threads in the case for ware. The Ford 9- inch and older GM carriers are a separate unit that can be unbolted from the rear housing and dropped out the front as one assembly. The rear differential is bolted to the unibody through the rear differential mount. Part Name Code: 41201D . 3. Install the rear disc brake rotors; refer to Section 206-04 . In most cases when fitting this differential to a 240 rear end, you will need to trim a small amount off of the inner end of the RIGHT side axle. Replace the driveshaft, making sure to align it to the makings on the mating components that you made prior to removing the shaft from the car. The rear differential for trucks is the one that always gets used when the truck is in motion since all trucks are rear-wheel drive. Replace as necessary. DECO Magnetic Angle Finder Gauge Tool, 4.14 In. Some rear ends use adjusters that are located next to the differential carrier bearings, and others are adjusted by adding/removing shims. If we only went straight, no differential would ever be needed. Step 2: Install Rear Bolt to Hold Differential. Make sure to adjust both the left and right equally, and doube check after you are finished to make sure the rear end is still square in the chassis. (b) Remove the 4 bolts and 2 bearing caps. Drive train howl is usually the carrier bearing, often a rear wheel bearing and if you have had a differential pinion seal replaced recently, incorrect pinion to ring gear preload. OD=47,T=1.70. Place a screw driver between the halfshaft and diff gently pry outwards to unseat the halfshaft. Front differentials are either leaf springs or independent front suspension (IFS). The term differential refers to this difference in wheel speed when cornering. 90201-35498. Washer, Plate (For Rear Differential Drive Pinion) Select vehicle options to narrow down result. But first, just fingertighten the bolt so you can align the differential with the other fittings. Install the differential pinion shaft lock bolt. Install the differential housing cover and fill the rear axle with the specified lubrication. In 1992 the 240 was changed so that the right side axle was slightly shorter. In a car, the differential maintains drivability in varying conditions. Use a rear bolt through the rear cover to hold it in place. Align the hole in the differential pinion shaft with the differential pinion shaft lock bolt hole. Tighten forward bolts to 65 Nm (48 lbf.ft). Vibration in Drive Shaft. But first, just fingertighten the bolt so you can align the differential with the other fittings. It alters how the vehicle negotiates turns as opposed to having both rear wheels spinning at the same speed; the inside wheel is allowed to rotate at a slower speed than the outside wheel. Tighten rearward bolts to 65 Nm (48 lbf.ft). Now install and tighten the driveshaft hub bolts using a cross tightening pattern. Install Rear Bolt to Hold Differential. REAR AXLE Created: 7/29/2013 Current Language: English Last Modified: 8/8/2013 Other Languages: ... a driver controlled differential lock (DCDL), it is possible to damage the axles if the wrong procedure is used before transporting begins. Install a new differential pinion shaft lock bolt. Install the differential pinion shaft. Refit. Then continue to elevate the unit while guiding the front bushings around the mounting studs. OPEN DIFFERENTIAL Illustration 1A and 1B show the common open differential. A bolt holds the differential housing bracket on the subframe. HINT: Align the holes of the differential case and differential pinion shaft. 90201-35499. Here is how you do it: Roll the diff under the car on a floor jack. 2. Washer, Plate (For Rear Differential Drive Pinion) $4.77. Rear and front differential fluid, like any fluid system in a vehicle, needs changing over the life of the vehicle. After checking it over, I found it to be the Rear Differential.So, I wanted to write this article on the Rear Differential Repair to help anyone that may need a … Install the differential. Install the axle housing cover and fill the rear axle housing (4010) with 2.4 liters (5.5 pints) of specified lubricant; refer to Axle Housing Cover in this section. Depending on the location of the differential, meaning if it's a front-drive differential or a rear differential, leaks from the output shaft seal can be caused by different circumstances. MOTORZ shows you how to change the rear differential gear oil and cover on a 2000 Ford F-350 pickup truck. Align the slider’s slot with the crosspin, and install it so the slider’s “teeth” engage with the diff housing.

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