I don't have a lot of custom figures, but I do have a decent amount of figures at the moment. LEGO Batman Minifigure Display Case for 8 Minifigures, Stackable Container for Wall or Desk - Black. I showed my wife and daughter: they were impressed by the frame but said I should have elected to put more colourful figures in it! The frame is 52cm square and 5cm deep. These frames are deeper than Ribba and you don't have to glue the slopes on yourself. Over the years, we've custom built model display cabinets and collector's display cases for every possible hobby and collection imaginable! See more ideas about Lego minifigure display, Lego, Mini figures. I want easy access to my figs! Because low quality acrylic can have the issue of being a little "foggy" or I could say not 100% trans-clear (sorry but don't know the exact word in English) ? Melbourne That's why you need to talk to Showfront about collectors display cabinets - our cabinets are custom-built to your specifications or ready-made to buy online now. Watch; LEGO Minifigure 16 Compartment Display Case | … Plus, I'm bad at converting prices for things lol. Thanks for this product review. Designed by. Display Dimensions. $20.83 shipping. Thanks a lot for your wonderful review! @peku Yes, Medusa fit in the frame. While I'm sure these are great quality, they are a bit expensive and the shipping to the States make them cost prohibitive. It was dead easy to affix the figures, the slopes are very securely held and none came off! LEGO Minifigure Display Case. Show us a quote with like for like Australian-made specifications and we’ll beat it by 10%! Our website is operative again!We'll also solve some questions: @CreativeTim @fulcrumbop The maximum depth that you can add to the display is 4 studs to can be closed with the plexiglass cover. iDisplayit.co.uk is all about looking after your valued collectibles and showing them off with pride. This product will fit one standard or child-sized LEGO minifigure. There was certainly no problem fitting Hagrid in. These acrylic display stands are simply incredible! Regular price $9.80 $7.80 Sale. The frame looks great and very professional.Might even get the small 16-figure one.Thanks for the review. without minifigures. Ultimate solution to your Lego Minifigures £7.26 postage. The display frame looks very clean and I think I have enough minifigures laying around to make use of one.Besides, I was just reading the article on the Advent Calendars for this year and I was wondering if those mini-builds would fit as well. @supervir2 @Greendude Do not hesitate to contact us in the email below for questions about special figures, we have some pictures with the Hulk minifigure. I've considered that, but then you lose the primary advantage of putting them in a display case, namely that they don't get dusty. Unique Features to enhance your Collectibles Display Case. Hello. Durable and superbly-crafted, Showfront display cabinets are designed to showcase your collection beautifully. Thanks for your comments. Cut two 24 ½" pieces and six 16 ½" pieces from the 1 x 2 boards. If you have LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send us a message. Does anyone make one of these with an opening front? Thanks for the review!Can it hold the "71001-2: Medusa" figure? Exhibit your favorite collectible minifigures in this attractive, red LEGO® Minifigure display case, featuring a transparent clasp door and 16 separate compartments, each with a gray baseplate to keep your minifigures perfectly posed. Have to admit these look pretty good, especially when populated, as with your Harry Potter figures. Find great deals on eBay for lego minifigure display and lego minifigure display case. 3.7cm enough depth for a 2x4 plate to be added on top of the slopes should you have any oversized figures to accommodate. This website is dedicated to supplying display cases and other great accessories for collectibles. Perfect for displaying your LEGO minifigures Stackable, so you can build a much larger display case Made by Fabiox. Delivered Australia-wide and fully assembled. This particular frame costs £61.86 / £79.06 which sounds like a lot but this is a quality product that's finished to a high standard. From shop ShopMindysMinis. Includes a new black 4x4 LEGO baseplate We were at odds at whether or not to display everything. Display Frame for Lego Disney Series 1 minifigures 71012 no figures 27cm. Premium quality Australian-made collectible display cases at unbeatable value prices. 368 product ratings - LEGO minifigures in display case yellow. We love to get feedback to improve our products. Available on orders $70 to $1000 Learn More Product details. I keep looking at these....... Silly questions. Showcase and fully protect the monumental LEGO Colosseum in our purposely designed display case. Unit 6/68 Northlink Place, Virginia QLD 4014, AustraliaPhone: 07 3277 9979 Fax: +617 3103 4759 Email: sales@showfront.com.auBy Appointment Only. To fix sets with more depth, you should remove the plexiglass sheet. Whether it's figurines, minifigures, action figures, lego, star wars, trucks, cars, trains or superheroes, Australia’s leading display cabinet manufacturer can customise a solution for you. 5 out of 5 stars (56) 56 reviews $ 39.99. All Showfront display cabinets are manufactured right here in Australia. Very nice. I wanted to fill it with something before doing so and I've just made up my mind what to put in it: Every Harry Potter minifigure from 2004 - 2011, i.e. The end result looks great, and I even have space for some of the new figures at the bottom! Not bad at all. Better quality, better value - choose Showfront. Click & Collect. Compared with the potential value of 105 minifigures the price may even represent - almost - next to nothing. The one I've been sent has a black frame and black mounting slopes but a huge variety of other colour combinations are available. Buy your Model Display Cabinets direct from Australia’s leading Collector's Display Cabinet manufacturer today. All Showfront cabinets are delivered fully assembled. or Best Offer +$16.90 shipping. This might be nice to clear out space and display my favorites, but I'm not sure if I'm going to get one of these, even if they're nice quality. And I have to say that they look great when filled and hanged or on a shelf, referring to your pictures, even better than Lego's when they are stacked on each other. Genuine Lego Holds 8 Mini Figures Storage Display Case… Whether it's super heroes, Star Wars, miniatures, coins, trucks, trains, cars, dolls, airplanes, swords, motorbike helmets, guitars, rare books or something completely different, you want to display your unique collection to the very best of its ability. Buy online now or call our friendly team on 1300 99 36 36. I like to display most of my minifigs alongside the sets they belong to, but if those mini-builds fit inside that would be very cool! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. £18.00. The larger model is the better value, at around 30$. It comes in five parts which incudes a spacer that fits inside the frame to provide 3.7cm of clearance between the plexiglass and the backing card. Because of the price, and of course because mine are already filled and displayed. But how could Queen Amidala be displayed? I don't think the Medusa collectible mining will fit!! This is great because it acts as a piece of wall art while organizing the clutter. the fleshies. Click & Collect. We're going to answer some questions: @Lego34s The display weight is about 4lb (1.8 Kg.) I.e. Our website is currently under maintenance :-( We'll inform when it gets operative again in our social networks. 200 Toy Minifigures Miniatures Figurines Display Case Wall Cabinet Stand, with Dust Protection (Black) Combine with our showcase stadium stands (sold separately) BC0301BZST and BC0301MFST to display multiple levels of BrickHeadz and Minifigures Create and display your own single or multiple sets; please check the following internal size carefully for a good fit The boy wanted unique models, otherwise, we'd have rows and rows of Stormtroopers, droids and Rebel fighters. Awesome, people might find it useful with the upcoming Overwatch series. I case you're wondering about the order I've put them in, they are in chronological, then BrickLink minifigure number order. $37.00. I always wondered if other collectors are concerned with such things? Handcrafted hardwood display case for Lego minifigures 1ft x 1ft Holds 32+ minifigs AyrowStudios. Collectibles Display Cabinets and Model Display Cabinets - Custom-buit or Ready-Made to Buy online! Phone: 03 9315 3636 Fax: +613 9315 2737 Email:sales@showfront.com.au, Sydney Do they offer discounts for large orders? LEGO 850423 Minifigure Display Presentation Case Box NEW. 5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings - LEGO 850423 Minifigure Display Presentation Case Box … The best prices for these are on Amazon.com. Then the small base plates are glued to each shelf and a backing board added for colour and effect. How to Build a Lego Minifigure Display Case Cut Pieces. Put your LEGO minifigures on display while storing them safely in this LEGO Minifigure Display with space for 16 minifigures. I might as well just build one myself otherwise. At 105 figs per case I need 10 of these cases to display my collection, but it would be dust free! The shipping cost is calcullated automatically when you proceed to checkout and write your address, before place the order. The display cases can be stacked into a costumized storage / sorting system. This mini-figure display case uses an Ikea Ribba frame as well to hold 49 pieces. @Fillone We have this plates pack, that you can fix on top of a brick to add some accessories with the minifigure: https://www.minifiguresdisplay.com/products/brick-plates-pack?variant=12069394513993 @lsdvincent It depends on the size and number of products. I'll stick with making my own... Hello. $12.00. Sold out. What about non-standard figures such as Daddy No Legs and Pythor? LEGO-BRAND MINIFIGURE DISPLAY SOLUTIONS: Recently LEGO also came out with their own LEGO minifigure storage and display cases. I wonder : is the acrylic window really trans clear as a glass could be? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Unlike those from other manufacturers, which are often customised Ikea Ribba frames, those sold by MinifiguresDisplay are designed in Spain, and hand-made. Grey may dominate but I think the selection is quite colorful without being garish.You may even say it looks elegant! Showfront offers unbeatable quality and outstanding value for money. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/530/19861196803_12f29c4c2f_c.jpg, https://www.minifiguresdisplay.com/products/112-minifigures-collector-edition-white-frame-display, https://www.minifiguresdisplay.com/products/brick-plates-pack?variant=12069394513993. So if you are like me and tend to open the frame often to take away or put back minifigs, the clips will end up totally loose at some point... Consequently, I am not buying anymore of these frames until they have a better closing system. 28 Export Drive, Brooklyn Vic 3012, Australia Recently the company offered to send me one of their newest offerings, a 105-figure display case, to review. I wanted to fill it with something before doing so and I've just made up my mind what to put in it: Every Harry Potter minifigure from 2004 - 2011, i.e. This 105-figure frame has 7 rows of 15 mounting points. If you're planning on putting CMF series in them, one with 7 rows of 16 is also available. It comes complete with a sheet of plexiglass, which is far more practical than glass when it comes to shipping them. £14.99. Then cut one 18" x 24 ½" piece of ¼" plywood for the backing. That means one can put about 32 minifigs in, depending on the style and accessories of each. It comes with a fixation to be wall mounted, and you can hang it on any type of wall, using the appropriate hook and rawlplug, you only need one. Display frames for Lego Minifigures, display your minifigures beautifully and keep them dust free. Damn genius! The frame is 52cm square and 5cm deep. 4-Tier Minifigure Acrylic Display Case * For Minifigs With Base Plate * Regular price $26.00. Official Lego Mini Figure Storage Display Case Black for 16 figures. As I say, there are dozens of variations available at MinifiguresDisplay, starting at about £25 for a 16-figure frame for CMFs, so go and take a look. Exhibit your favorite collectible minifigures in this attractive black LEGO® Minifigure Display Case, featuring a transparent clasp door and 16 separate compartments, each with a gray baseplate to keep your minifigures perfectly posed. Compare the difference in price and quality - visit a Showfront showroom in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. @76veedub If you want, send an e-mail to contact @minifiguresdisplay.com and we're pleased to attend you for large orders. Plastic cover, with base measures 6.8cm tall, 3.4cm wide and 3.4 deep. Would the 105 one full of minifigs need any kind of special mounting or just 2 screws and rawl plugs ? Product consists of a single 4×4 base-plate (colour as chosen from the options) and one Fabiox plastic cover. For my cases, each shelf holds 11 minifigures and with 9 shelves, that's a total of 99 minifigures per case. Shipping is a bit steep (to the US), but looks great. MinifiguresDisplay has been manufacturing high quality display solutions for some years and now offers a wide variety of frame sizes, colours and backing cards to meet all of your minifig display needs. Regular price $20.00 Sold out. Subscribe to our customer loyalty rewards program for great value discounts and exciting new offers. Minifigure Display Case ShopMindysMinis. 8/13-15 Burrows Road South, St Peters NSW 2044, Australia Phone: 02 9557 8951 Fax: +612 9557 9814 Email: sales@showfront.com.auBy Appointment Only, Brisbane Place the minifigures on the LEGO plates and close the transparant doors for safe storage. the fleshies. If you're stuck for something to put in them, you'll also find minifigures for sale there as well. Shop with confidence. £3.19 + P&P . The frame is beautiful, the cost is a bit high compared with other frames I usually look for but the way the minifigures are shown is excellent. Are there pics of these with Bigfigs? $22.95. I like it but i think it would look beter with a border between every row of minifigs. Recently the company offered to send me one of their newest offerings, a 105-figure display case, to review. The only issue I had, and it's not a fault of the frame whatsoever, is that peeling the protective film from the plexiglass leaves it with a static charge which seems to be attracting cat hairs! Display them in premium individual cases in the colours of your choice, with literally millions of combinations possible. LEGO Storage YELLOW MINIFIGURE DISPLAY CASE #4066 - Holds 16 Mini Figures - Used. Call to customise yours or buy online now! If it helps get your valuable and attractive figures out of their plastic boxes and to somewhere dust-free where they can be seen and admired then I reckon it's money well spent. I have one of these, in which I put many of my SW and LOTR minifigs. £24.99 + P&P . © Showfront 2020. You just need to use this brick: Lego® Plate 1x2 with 1 Stud (without Bottom Groove) (3794) - x1. Lego Yellow Mini Figure Display Cabinet Storage Case For 8 Figures 2011. Premium quality Australian-made collectible display cases at unbeatable value prices. The quality is of course much better, as Lego's are 100% plastic made. £3.20 postage. ETGL 600 Essentials Tower Glass Display – Fully Assembled, CTGL 1200 Full Glass Counter Display Cabinet - Fully Assembled, TGL 450 Tower Display Cabinet with LED Spotlights - Fully Assembled, ETGL 1000 Essentials Upright Glass Display Cabinet - Fully Assembled, CBDL Pedestal Display Case With Storage - Fully Assembled, CT 900 Coffee Table Display Case with LED Lighting – Fully assembled, MUPL Mushroom Display Cabinet With Storage - Fully Assembled, TPF 600 Tower Display Cabinet with LED Downlights - Fully Assembled, TSF 600 Tower Display Cabinet with LED Downlights and Storage - Fully Assembled, TSF 900 Upright Display Cabinet with LED Lights, Mirror Back and Storage – Fully Assembled, TGL 1000 Glass Display Cabinet – Fully Assembled, TPFL 1000 Upright Glass Display Cabinet with LED Downlights - Fully Assembled, TSF 600 Tower Display Cabinet With Slimline Lightbox and LED Lighting - Fully Assembled, TGL 1200 Glass Display Cabinet - Fully Assembled, TPFL 1200 Upright Glass Display Cabinet with LED Downlights - Fully Assembled, TSF 1200 Upright Display Cabinet with LED Lights and Storage – Fully Assembled, MANQ800S - Mannequin Tower Display Cabinet with LED Panels, TPFL 2000 Upright Glass Display Cabinet with LED Downlights – Fully Assembled, TGL 2000 Wall Display Cabinet Extra-Large - Fully Assembled, TSF 2000 Upright Display Cabinet with LED Lights and Storage – Fully Assembled, TTC 850 Treasury Tower Cube Display Case - Fully Assembled, TTF 2400 Extra-Large Display Cabinet - Fully Assembled, TMANQ 2400S - Triple Mannequin Display Cabinet with LED Panels. 2-Tier Minifigure Acrylic Display Case. Like every hobby collector in the world, you're proud of your beautiful collection. @JonMarten you can just leave the transparent plastic sheet out and the figs will be easily accessible :). Available on orders $70 to $2000 Learn More. From shop AyrowStudios. Display Frame for Lego Movie 2 minifigures 71023 no figures 27cm. 3-Tier Minifigure Acrylic LED Display Case. I want a display where I don’t have to peg the feet on my figures, I collect mint figures, and pegging them to slopes just to display them... is not worth the damage to their foot. DIY Arch Minifigure Display Case Single Mini Figures Display Stand Case for Lego. @Calabar We have a 112 frame with 16 bricks each line: https://www.minifiguresdisplay.com/products/112-minifigures-collector-edition-white-frame-display. If you have a lot to tell us, use this contact form. All Lego fans two passions, building and collecting minifigures, come together here. The interior shelves are made from pieces of foam cut to size. And a comprehensive review.As a polymer-pedant though, the LD-PE symbol shown with 'Plexiglass' (sic) written next to it is simply incorrect; they are not the same plastic.As for UV filtering, it's more likely that they have used a grade of acrylic sheet (aka: Perspex, Plexiglas) which is transparent to UV light, rather than more expensive treated acrylic. 4.8 out of 5 stars 172. Have you hung this on a wall ? Call us now on 1300 99 36 36 to customise yours! I can’t really display my Marvel guys without Hulk:), IKEA Ribba is good enough, https://farm1.staticflickr.com/530/19861196803_12f29c4c2f_c.jpg. Display Cabinets for every type of Collection! The frame was supplied by the manufacturer for the purposes of this review, which is an expression of my own opinions. Lego Minifigure Display Case shows you how to create a display case for all those Legos your little ones have. As I already have Lego display cases (purchased on S @H) I have hesitated a few times to get one of these. Display Frame for Lego 1989 Batwing Batman minifigures 76161 no figures 27cm. Have experimented with a multitude of display and/or storage solutions which for myself need to be practical and allow easy location of a particular figure, which gets harder as my collection grows. LEGO Minifigure Display Case – Not only is this an officially-sanctioned LEGO product, but you can stack them too. We sell a brick plates pack that includes this brick, in case you don't have it.We're also pleased to attend you at: contact @minifiguresdisplay.com. Protect your favourite minifigures from getting dusty or grabbed by small (or big) hands. Mini Figure Display Case. All Rights Reserved. @Brick't The plexiglas is 100% transparent and it look great.We're also pleased to attend you at: contact @minifiguresdisplay.com. They come in several sizes and colors, they are stackable, and provide a wonderful solution to display your collectible LEGO minifigures and other minifigs. They want $54 for a small frame and and $140 for the large one with shipping. £24.99 + P&P . Sale. Brickset will not receive a commission on any orders placed via the links in the article. Please note this display case does not come with a minifigure. With 15 pedestals for each line, I can't place a single standard collectable minifigures serie in a single line. How much does yours now weigh (including the random collection of but mostly full minifigs). Dec 2, 2018 - Lego Minifigure Display Stands and Frames. I'm starting to like these display cases as you can display your favorite minifigures in them. A timeless classic wooden display cabinet and drawer which displays 18+ minifigures clearly and provides storage for treasured accessories and parts. So eventually all compared, those high quality standard cases seem to be a good deal. @hammerdragon take a look at this picture https://flic.kr/p/LyBs72. @tprzem: To me, the IKEA Ribba image that you posted looks better - there's enough spacing between the minifigs and they don't look all bunched up. Looks good, especially the depth of the case! 5 out of 5 stars (779) 779 reviews $ 3.99. Can they be mounted on any plasterboard wall? Add to wishlist. And if you want one less densely populated you can buy a different variant. Please log in to post comments on this article. Well, I have officially found the best solution for displaying LEGO Minifigure! And cost 35€ each for 16 display cells. Showfront delivers Australia-wide from its showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. And being LEGO, build each one around each minifig unit. My only bugbear would be accommodating all the weapons, tools, accoutrements etc that go with the figures eg HP094 Harry's wand, lantern, broomstick and potion bottle when the figure itself has only two hands ..... how much the mail price ship to Hong Kong? Tingacraft Acrylic Display Case (24 x … A premium LEGO display case for your favourite LEGO minifigures. Finally, a build to display your precious Minifigures! (15″ x 1″ x 7″ h / 37cm x 4cm x 18cm h) It does look great, but it has one serious issue: the clips used to close the back are not very solidly plugged into the wood. Whether it's figurines, minifigures, action figures, lego, star wars, trucks, cars, trains or superheroes, Australia’s leading display cabinet manufacturer can customise a solution for you. You also don’t need to stay worried about walking on these with bare feet – because it hurts … a lot! 11 watching. or Best Offer. Perfect for the private collector, home or office, our collectible display cabinet solutions have included collections of: Showfront’s range of Custom- and Ready-made Upright Display Cabinets and Tower Display Cabinets are both stylish and functional with many top of the range features unique to the Showfront brand including adjustable shelves for items of differing sizes, security locks, downlights, spotlights and safety glass. Custom Model Display Cases for Collectibles at unbeatable prices! I got the small RIBBA at my IKEA for $9.99 ($14.99 for the large one), spent $1-2 on slope pieces on Bricklink and $0.50 on superglue. website currently under maintenance it would seem, showing little to no products.

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